General info

Midnight Madness is a unique event geared towards bringing foot traffic back to YOUR main store rather than at a separate venue. Through participating with several other designers it has the potential to help build new customers to keep your brand going strong. This event lives up to it's name each round with the HUGE following it has gathered. You will need 2 gifts - a recent item with 2 new recolors that are exclusive to the event or a fully new item. The gift colours can not be sold after the event is over. Optionally you can offer color huds for sale, which we highly recommend but it's not mandatory. You will have to cap the avi limit to maximum 35 on the sim your store is on (Homesteads work perfectly fine). To be considered for this event, please fill out the following form.

Your main contacts

Do you create your own original mesh?

Can you make sure that the agent limit at your store location will be capped to a max of 35 avatars?