General info

Midnight Madness is a unique event geared towards bringing foot traffic back to YOUR main store rather than at a separate venue. Through participating with several other designers it has the potential to help build new customers to keep your brand going strong. This event lives up to it's name each round with the HUGE following it has gathered. You will need 2 gifts - a recent item with 2 new recolors that are exclusive to the event or a fully new item. The gift colours can not be sold after the event is over. Optionally you can offer color huds for sale, which we highly recommend but it's not mandatory. You will have to cap the avi limit to maximum 35 on the sim your store is on (Homesteads work perfectly fine). To be considered for this event, please fill out the following form.

Informations & Rules


  • Sign ups will go out on the 10th - 17th of each month. Please note, that we can not accept any delay, since this event runs only for a short period of time.
  • All set boards will come scripted and will go live by themselves.
  • You need to have 2 gifts ready - either the same item in 2 different colours or 2 different items.
  • The items don't have to be new. You can make recolours of existing items.
  • Each gift will be limited to 1500 pieces, the boards will cap automatically when the number is reached.
  • The gift colour should be exclusive to the event and can not be resold after. (we will have an extra sim on each birthday round (February), where all previous gifts will be for sale for an "ultimate last chance")


  • you can offer additional add on colour huds for a reduced price for your gifts. This is entirely optional, and for these vendors you can use your own vendor scripts ( HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, it's where the sales are at ). You can sell these HUDs for regular price after the event is over., the gift colour remains exclusive and can not be resold.

Last Chance Vendors:

  • From Saturday into Sunday midnight, the last chance vendors will go live, where people can buy the same gifts for a reduced price between 25 - 50 LS for another 24 hours.
  • Optionally, you are able to set an additional discount for your store group members.


  • All ads have to be in 1024x1024 jpeg format and sent to xxsaltandpperxx inwolrd via provided NC ( will be send out each round) by Tuesday before the event starts.

Agent limit:

  • You HAVE TO lower your agent limit on sim to a max of 35 avis or below (20 - 25 works best) and have a security orb that will allow a max of 50K complexity during the event to ensure that the boards will give out the gifts smoothly. We suggest the MD labs Security orb. We also suggest to turn the orb on as close to the event start as possible, to not affect any previous sales of your mainstore.


  • sponsor spots : 1500 LS (only 5 available, on first come first serve bases)
  • regular spot: 500 LS (have to be paid until the 25th of the month)


  • boards: Wednesday before event weekend
  • ads: Tuesday before event weekend
  • set up: Thursday before event weekend

Your main contacts

Do you create your own original mesh?

Can you make sure that the agent limit at your store location will be capped to a max of 35 avatars?